Our team will help your brand expand onto the various social networks in China

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WeChat is a powerhouse for online marketing.

Consisting accounts:
-    WeChat Service Account
-    WeChat Subscription Account
-    WeChat Enterprise Account

Using the right accounts, they could work like a charm to promote your brand, target your audience, and boost your brand awareness.

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Known as the Chinese twitter, is the modern day mash up of Facebook and twitter and it is now one of the major platforms for online marketing.

We provide assistance on how to locate and target your specific audience. Who doesn't fancy themselves being on the hottest page of Weibo, and the people in Locate 852 know just the way to get you there.



Live stream sure is the hottest platform in China right now. These platforms would be a great vehicle for brands to reach out to their audience.

Brands could use KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) or internet personalities to achieve the celebrity endorsement effect, with a way lower price. However, there are around millions of KOLs In China, we could help you locate the perfect one that suits your brand. (映客直播, 一直播, 斗鱼直播).


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China’s biggest and most popular search engine, Baidu, which could be seen as the Chinese Google would be the place to go to for SEM.

Locate 852 are right here to guide you through from the start to the end to help potential customers locate your brand in just a click! Locate 852 also offer similar services on platforms. (Bing, 百度贴吧)